NAME : Dr. Kunjan Changdeo Junghare
 DESIGNATION : Assistant Professor

  • Ph. D (Chemical Engg., VNIT Nagpur 2022)
  • M.Tech. (Chemical Engg., MANIT Bhopal 2017)
  • B Tech (Chemical Engg., Amravati University 2014)


Dr. Kunjan C Junghare is passionate teacher, pursuing her Ph. D in Chemical engineering from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur (VNIT), Maharashtra. She has completed her M. Tech in Chemical Engg from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Bhopal (MANIT). She has completed his B. Tech in Chemical. Engg. from (COETA) Amravati University, Akola Maharashtra. She has 5 years of research experience in the field of adsorption, fluoride removal, electrolysis and textile dye removal. Subjects of her interest are Process Dynamics & Control, Process Calculations and Plant Design & Economics. She has handled Instrumentation and Technical analysis labs in VNIT Nagpur. Her research interest includes preparation of adsorbent using electrolysis followed by ultrasonication and using the same for fluoride removal via adsorption. She has published 06 research articles in SCI international journals. Also, she has presented his papers in a 08 International conferences.

FORE FRONT AREA OF RESEARCH : Adsorption, ultrasonication, fluoride and
CONTACT NO : : 020-30253500 Ext:

Teaching 10 Months, Research 5 Years


  • Life Member, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, Kolkata.
  • Life Member, Indian Society for Technical Education, New Delhi.
  • Member – American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), New York, USA


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