Mr. R. S. Jadhav

NAME : Mr. R. S. Jadhav
DESIGNATION : Assistant Professor

  • M. Tech. (Automobile engineering), VJTI, Mumbai, India, 2014.
  • B.E (Mechanical engineering), MIT, Pune, India, 2012.


Mr. Rupesh Jadhav is an Assistant Professor in the School of Mechanical and Civil Engineering. His inter- disciplinary research interests cover finite element analysis of BIW, simulation and optimization of vehicle structures. Also doing research related to various crash test of NCAP and all other vehicle testing norms. The focus is on Automobile Validation of crashworthiness according to FMVSS standards.

FORE FRONT AREA OF RESEARCH : CAE, FEA, Crash Analysis of Vehicles, Crashworthiness
EXPERIENCE :  Teaching: 6 Years

Awards and Achievements

  • Best Teacher Award in department during academic year 2013-14
  • Topped the Ph.D. Entrance in 2012 in Mechanical Engineering Stream, Pune university

Research / Patents / Publications

Recently filed Indian patent on " System and Method of Temperature Measurement" with registration number 3021/MUM/2015

Research projects
Simulation of Articulated Robot for Lema Labs IIT Madras Research Park in 2014


National Conferences

  • Deo S.R., Bhalerao Y, & Charde M, " Cylindrical Grinding Process Optimization by Effective Implementation of Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) Technique - A Review ", Proceedings of National Conference on Innovation in Mechanical Engineering, Pune, 2015.