1)Organizing events
The team plays a vital role in organising various events with different themes throughout the year, some of which are InkIT and AV day.

2)Travel blogs
As people love to travel, we love to share their adventures through our travel blog. Which features their journey and their experiences.

3)Starring photographs
Providing a platform to young creators and photographers to showcase their talent in the photography section, which highlights all the noble work of the students.

4) Poetry
The magazine explores every bit of creative talents in students, even poetry. This section acknowledges all those young poets to feature their thoughts and imaginations.

5)Spreading awareness
promoting causes, justifying the truth and publishing unbiased information has always been a pre-eminent job for the magazine. The team features all social issues and alertness through the college magazine.

6)Celebrity interviews
Every year the magazine features interviews of prominent personalities from diverse fields. The magazine has interviewed Padma awardees, Bharat Ratna awardees and many such beings.

7)Achiever's board
The students who achieve prizes and titles in different fields in campus competitions or university meets are featured in the magazine as well.

8)Organising Writing competitions
The magazine always focuses on providing a platform for deserving writers and poets. Hence, organising competitions like INKTT applies a filter to the content.

9)Performing flash mobs
Flash mobs are organized by the magazine using social media, emails, or websites. The phenomenon spreads across the college and Flash Mobs are open to anyone to join.

10) inter-club competitions
The magazine involves itself in the competitions organised by other clubs and features highlights and winners as well.

11)Photography and art competitions
The magazine has a different theme every year, hence photography and art competitions are organised as per the years' theme and are also featured on the magazine cover.

12)Organising Open mic
Many the heads more the ideas, the magazine provides a platform like the open mic competition to the students to present their thought, views, humour and beliefs.