The School of E&TC Engineering is a pioneer in initiating the Research & Development activities. The primary objectives can be summarized as:

  1. To motivate faculty for doctoral and post-doctoral assignments at various National and International universities and organizations of repute.
  2. To initiate research projects in, thrust areas of Engineering funded by various National and International agencies.
  3. To develop interaction and cooperation between researchers for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary work.
  4. To explore new horizons of knowledge and ensuring its practical implementation through collective efforts and quality research work.
  5. To provide adequate facilities, resources, and environment conducive for research work.

The faculty at School of E&TC Engineering are involved in cutting edge research that can have a positive influence on the life of mankind. The concerted efforts of faculty are manifested in the form of completing a number of research projects funded by University of Pune, AICTE and Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India. Research at School of Electrical Engineering are as follows:


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