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The School of E&TC Engineering at MITAOE is one of the principal academic movers at MIT Academy of Engineering, which facilitates students to specialize in the field of Electronics as well as Electronics and Telecommunication.

The School offers a four-year course culminating in the Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. The Electronics Engineering program is accredited by NBA for the excellence in academics, research, and administration. To add the feather in the cap in the academic excellence, the UGC has conferred ‘Academic Autonomy’ upon our institute with effect from the academic year 2016-17.

The School of E&TC Engineering takes pride in the quality and excellence of its joyful learning, industry institute interaction, activity-based learning, industry-based projects, extracurricular and co-curricular activities, and research.

The courses offered by the School, equip the students with the knowledge of a blended choice-based curriculum of Natural Sciences and Engineering Sciences. To name a few it goes with Multidisciplinary Program Cores (Humanities and Social Science, Design thinking, System Engineering, Prototyping, Material Engineering, Psychology, Engineering Economics, Sociology, Entrepreneurship and Management, Computer programming and Prototyping). Discipline Cores such as Signals and Systems, Network Analysis and Techniques, Electronics Devices and circuits, Electromagnetic Theory and applications, Digital Signal Processing, Antenna Theory and Design, Power Electronics, Analog and Digital Communication, VLSI Design, Machine Learning make the student well versed with the core concepts Electronics and Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. A diverse range of the Departmental Electives (Digital Image Processing, Microwave Engineering, RISC Processors, Deep Learning, Fiber Optic communications, Biomedical Engineering, Natural Language Processing, Electric Vehicles and Speech Signal Processing) is also offered by the School.

The School has introduced specialization verticals in the area of Robotics and Automation, Internet of Things and Embedded System over a duration of four semester starting from T.Y.B.Tech. This would lead to an additional minor degree for students. These courses are developed in consultation with the renowned industry experts with an endeavor to prepare our students to the industry expectation level. The school gives special emphasize on developing hands on skills by introducing various hardware and software skill labs such as MATLAB, Java, C++, CCNA and Embedded Linux, LABVIEW. The school has also received the grants form AICTE under MODEROB and has introduced state of the art equipments like high-frequency structure simulator. ‘HFSS USRP SDR bundle’ in Advance Communication Laboratory as well as ‘Cadence and Mentor Graphics front end and back design tools’ in VLSI Design laboratory.

The School of E&TC Engineering is dedicated to the overall development of its students through joyful learning and club activities. The environment is created for self-learning with an active involvement of the students in various competitions of national and international repute like NIYANTRA, e-Yantra, IRO (Indian robotics Olympiad), World Skills International competitions in the skills of electronics and mobile robotics, Aero modeling, Hackathon and many more technical competitions.

We welcome you to join our quest for knowledge and its application for the benefit of the society and industry.

Dr. D. Y.Sakhare ,
Professor & Dean,
School of E&TC Engineering
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