How MITAOE helps Students to grow

How MITAOE helps Students to grow as Professionals?

Data and reports for employment in India from 1999 to 2020, India's employment rate was around 5.4 percent. India is one of the fastest-growing economies, but still, the unemployment ratio is higher. Lack of employable skills in students is making it difficult for them to get employed. With great institutions, students can excel in subjects along with learning employable skills. The choice of institution is indeed an important one to make for becoming employable. Some of the important employability skills are -

  • Communication:
    It is important for students to develop great communication skills to become more employable. Employers often seek employees who are proficient in their job and communicate for simplifying tasks for others.
  • Self-management:
    With self-management, you are more likely to work with proper planning and attain maximum benefit from projects.
  • Initiative:
    It is good to follow up norms of a company's work, but adding creativity and taking the initiative for doing tasks is one of the important employable skills.
  • Quick learner:
    To err is human, but being a quick learner is a great way of creating equilibrium. Hence, it is good to work on your learning skills.
  • Planning and strategizing:
    Going with the flow is not a healthy method of organizing your work and schedule. One should excel in planning and strategizing to attain desired outcomes and success for projects, so it is indeed a great employable skill.

The choice of institution is highly important for preparing for the industry. An ideal institution offers children unique and latest training programs that challenge their inner self to become better and prepared. Apart from giving a degree, great institutions will provide great placement opportunities for growing better in the profession. One such ideal institution is MIT AOE.

Why choose MITAOE as the ultimate college option?

Well, there are a handful of reasons that justify why MITAOE is one of the top engineering colleges in Pune with qualified faculty -


it is important to enroll in a top institution that has a flexible learning system for the better growth of students in their careers. MIT AOE offers an updated and flexible syllabus that fulfill industrial needs.

Unique teaching approaches

Cramming theory for scoring higher is no more help; you need to understand the concept for working into top companies and serving. MITAOE teaching professionals have personalized and unique teaching approaches that clarify each concept.

Wide range of subjects

Not every engineering institutes present students with a wide range of subjects for choosing their stream but MITAOE does. From civil to mechanical, IT, and others, MITAOE offers both undergraduate and post-graduate programs. Hence, if you are looking for different subjects to pursue in your studies, MITAOE is your one-stop.

Assists with higher education abroad

MITAOE is accredited by NBA, Isaac, and Iso. Being pass out from prestigious institution assists with easy enrolment into foreign universities.


Students can get a chance to collaborate with foreign as well as national universities to increase their knowledge.

Scholarship for projects

MITAOE motivates students to work hard on projects by offering scholarships and internships. With the internship, students experience real stress and workload of the industry that prepares them for the future.

Training programs

Guest lectures and incredible training programs are helping to improve students' potential so that they can gain knowledge.

MIT AOE is one such leading institution that strives for transforming students into assets. So, if you are looking for one such elite institution, MIT AOE can be the best investment for you.