International Relations is now an integral part of MITAOE and aims at providing its students a global platform for further education. One of the objectives of the IR is to give our students exposure to the multi-cultural and global educational environment during their Undergraduate studies by way of sending them for International Summer Internship Program (ISIP) to foreign universities in USA,UK, Europe , Malaysia etc. MITAOE has international collaborations with some of the prestigious foreign universities. The collaborations give the students a platform to explore opportunities for further education abroad for their Master and PhD studies. The students also get to go to these universities to attend various seminars, conferences and workshops. The IR conducts various training programmes for the students so as to prepare them for further education abroad and also provides them the necessary assistance. It keeps itself abreast of the current developments in the global education scenario by participating in various national and international events.

Dr. Janhavi Inamdar,
Professor, School of Civil Engineering and
Dean, External Relations, MIT AOE.
Email –,