Top Chemical Engineering Colleges in Pune

Top Chemical Engineering Colleges in Pune

Top Chemical Engineering Colleges in Pune

What does a Chemical Engineer do? In a very simple or layman’s term chemical engineer is the person who gives all the support required to produce things on a vast scale. A chemical engineer incorporates their knowledge about Engineering and chemistry and merges them both in order to convert the raw materials into some form which are valuable or used for producing chemicals or for producing the by-products related to it. Students in Pune should try to get admission to the MIT Academy of Engineering (MITAOE) which is considered as one of the Top Chemical Engineering colleges in Pune. Many options open up when one gets the degree from a top college in the fields.

There are many fields in which chemical engineering is used extensively. Fields such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, mineral processing, petroleum refining plants are some of the prominent areas where chemical engineering plays a significant role.

What would be the responsibility of a Chemical Engineer?

  • A chemical engineer has to design and invent new chemical process or products
  • They have to do the research and development in Bio-Tech firms
  • They are responsible for developing advanced and improve the process of manufacturing
  • Industrial plant facilities are planned and operated by chemical engineers
  • The creation of modern and high-quality chemical materials are the responsibility of the chemical engineer
  • Chemical engineers are responsible for the creation of environmentally friendly health and safety standards for the companies
  • Chemical engineers also look into food processing and agricultural products, and they also work for cosmetic and mineral-based industries.

These are some of the responsibilities of a Chemical Engineer which are taught in the Chemical Engineering syllabus. Now the question arises why one should opt for Chemical Engineering as a career choice?

1. Chemical Engineers get excellent job opportunities

The degree from the Top chemical engineering colleges in Pune opens up lots of avenues for the students. They are one of the most sought out engineers. They are employed across various large and small companies. They do have an excellent salary package to start with as they have the expertise in developing products and creating beneficial things out of them. In India, the prospects of employment of chemical engineers are showing growth. Various private and public sectors have plenty of job opportunities for chemical engineers. They have opportunities opened for them in the petrochemical industries, petroleum refineries, Pharmaceutical companies, to name a few sectors that employees chemical engineers extensively.

2. Chemical Engineers are equipped to do the greater good of changing the planet

Whatever we are using in our everyday life, a chemical engineer’s help was required to develop that product for the consumers. The top Chemical engineering colleges in Pune teach the students to continually strive to improve the quality of life of the individuals. They have the opportunity to make a big difference in the society and planet as a whole. They can make a difference by developing ways to protect the environment, give better nutrition to everyone, help in improving the health of the people. Chemical engineers can work on ways to produce low-cost renewable energy sources. Their systematic thinking would help in implementing the ideas and discussion behind the solutions for climate change. If this gets successful, they will be responsible for making the world a better place. The MIT Academy of Engineering (MITAOE) in Alandi Pune is considered one of the Top Engineering Colleges in Pune. MIT Academy of Engineering (MITAOE) was established in the year 1999 and is only the third institute in Pune, which has the status of ‘academic autonomy’ by the University Grants Commission (UGC). The institute has six more undergraduate programs and three postgraduate programs for the students of engineering.