Why study Electronics Engineering

Why study Electronics Engineering? Learn about the Course, Eligibility & Career Scope

Electronics Engineering has been the best thing that is gifted to the world. Similarly, Electronics Engineering has also gifted many gifts to this world; in short, without electrical engineering, life for everyone could be like walking around with just one shoe.

From lighting bulbs at our homes to working in large power plants, Electronic Engineering has its foot in everything digital thing to make our life easy and comfortable. So let's discuss what Electronics Engineering is and how it made our lives so easy.

Basically, Electronics Engineering is a branch of Engineering that discusses the existence and workings of electronics, electricity, and electromagnetism. This field is responsible for designing, developing, and testing electronic products. Today, many aspirants have started showing their interests in this branch of Engineering and various aspirants are enrolling in top Engineering Colleges in Pune. The standard eligibility criteria for students to apply for these colleges are:

  • To have Science and Mathematics as core subjects in 10+2.
  • Average of 50% or more in all subjects in 10+2 from a recognized board
  • Good Marks in JEE.

In this field, the aspirants learn about Power Systems, Electric Machines, Control Systems, Microprocessors, Analog Electronics, etc. With collaborating with different fields present in this world, Electronic Engineering has become very advanced today, and it has also opened various gates of opportunities for many aspirants. Today Electronic Engineering has its importance in every sector; whether it is s government or private this field has opportunities in every sector. The Top 10 job opportunities present in today's time for aspirants are:

  • Electronics Engineer: In this, the engineer works on improving the excellence of products, components, and their applications by analyzing and designing.
  • Technical Head: In this, the Head keeps its eye on collaborating and communicating with all the workers of the company to make the right decision for the manufacturing of products.
  • Communication System Operator: In this, the operator works on communication lines and their functioning and on making the network available in various areas.
  • Television Product Manager: The manager's responsibility is to look for the production procedure of television that includes lighting, editing, music, etc.
  • Aerospace Engineers: In this, the engineer's responsibility is to design and test the satellites, aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, etc.
  • Computer Hardware Engineers: In this, the engineer focuses on researching, designing, developing, and testing the system and its components.

Some other jobs are:

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