NAME :  Mr. Sudhir Gandhi
DESIGNATION : Assistant Professor
QUALIFICATION : M. Tech (Petrochemical Technology), Ph. D (Pursing)


Sudhir is dedicated academic professional with combined experience of over 12 years in teaching, research and industry. He holds master degree in Chemical technology from Laxminarayan Institute of Technology (LIT) Nagpur with specialization in Petrochemical Technology. His research interest includes petroleum Refining process, Non-conventional energy. He is actively involved with Training and placement of chemical engineering department and contributed significantly. He holds strong interaction with Industry and having numerous contacts with many Industries. He is member of professional societies like IIChE, IAENG and IChemE. He was awarded with Best Teacher of Chemical Engineering department in year 2014 at MIT academy of Engineering and received citation for fetching grant of Rs. 2 lacs (2016) and 1 lac (2018) from University of Pune to organize Quality Improvement Program. He has registered and pursing his PhD from Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) Mumbai.

FORE FRONT AREA OF RESEARCH : Renewable and non-Renewable Energy
CONTACT NO : 02030253500 Ext No.:1212

EXPERIENCE : Teaching: 12, Industry: 1.8, Research: 1 Year


  • Life Member of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers with Membership Number LM 46104
  • Associate Member of IChemE with Membership Number 100198042


  • Received Grants of Rs. 1, 00,000/- (Rs. One Lakh Only) from Savitribai Phule Pune University for organizing Quality Improvement Program (QIP). Conducted Two Days National Level Workshop on “Implementation of NEP through internship embedded degree Program” dated 24th and 25th February 2023.
  • Received Citation for fetching grant of Rs. 1, 00,000/- (Rs. One Lakh Only) from Savitribai Phule Pune University for organizing Quality improvement Program (QIP) from MIT Academy of Engineering Alandi, Pune
  • Award for outstanding achievement in Academics and Research 2016, from MIT Academy of Engineering Alandi, Pune
  • Received Teacher of Department Award for Year 2013-14 from MIT Academy of Engineering Alandi, Pune


  • Coordinator for Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) sponsored intensive course on Two days State Level Seminar on “Process Intensification and Integration- A need of Present and Future World” dated 21st and 22nd December 2018
  • Convener for Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) sponsored “Two days National Level Seminar on “ Application of Mathematical Methods in Engineering” dated 5th and 6th February 2016
  • Worked as Incharge, Food Committee for ROBOCON 2018- It is a National Level mega Robotics event organized for engineering students. Around 2000 students across India was participated each year
  • Worked as member in Food Committee for ROBOCON 2015, 16, 17
  • Worked as energetic member in PIT area committee in organizing ROBCON for year 2011, 12 13, 14.
  • Member of the organizing committee of International Robocon 2014.


  • Published a Journal research paper “Intensification of interesterification of sustainable feedstock as mahua oil for biodiesel production” International Journal of Green Energy 2023 with Tayler and Francis
  • Sudhir S. Gandhi, Parag R. Gogate, Process intensification of fatty acid ester production using esterification followed by transesterification of high acid value mahua (lluppai ennai) oil: Comparison of the ultrasonic reactors, Fuel, Volume 294, 2021, 120560, ISSN 0016-2361,
  • Gandhi S.S., Gogate P.R., Intensified transesterification of castor oil using ultrasonic horn: response surface methodology (RSM) based optimization International Journal of Green Energy, 2021
  • Sudhir S. Gandhi, Parag R. Gogate, M.Senthilkumar Comparison of multivariable models for predicting kinematic viscosity of biodiesel obtained using transesterification in ultrasonic horn Arabian Journal of Science and Engineering and Springer
  • Deshpande D P, Haral S S, Gandhi S S and Ganvir V N, “Transesterification of Caster oil” International Journal of ISCA Journal of Engineering Science Vol. 1(1),1-8 July2012
  • Participated in Three days mega 2nd National Teacher Congress organized by MIT World peace University during 10th January to 12th January 2018.
  • Presented paper title “Conversion of waste plastic to liquid hydrocarbon fuel in semi-continuous reactor” at National level conference React 2016, held at LIT Nagpur.
  • Presented paper title” Synthesis of super absorbent polymer” at National Level conference recent advances in Science and Technology held at Finloex Academy of Engineering Ratnagiri.
  • Design of photo-bioreactor for cultivation of algal mass and study of growth kinetics of algae – a case study in International Conference at Deogiri College Aurangabad
  • Use of trickling filter in waste oil treatment in oil industry, in National Conference at LIT Nagpur.
  • Complete replacement of Petroleum Diesel by Natural Process in a National Conference on Recent trends in Bio-fuel and Biodiesel, Kolhapur.