International Summer Internship Program (ISIP)

We have signed MOUs with foreign universities. Some of them have given ISIP opportunity to our students.

Every University has different way of conducting ISIP.

In general we follow Project Based Learning (PBL) method wherein the students in small groups of (2 to 3 max) will be doing research-based projects under the mentorship of foreign professor.

They will have very few lectures/ workshops etc(Approximately 6 to 8 lectures per week) and the rest of the time the students will work in groups on their research topic.

ISIP consist of approximately Industry visits (2 to 3), Cultural Tours : 3 to 4 , welcome and closing ceremony, certificate distribution

Weekly presentations from the group will be observed and guided by the professor/mentor

ISIP period: June and July every year

Period: 2 weeks to 6 weeks

Level of students: Students from second year and third year of engineering, first year and second year of Arts, Science, Commerce, BBA , second, third year of design, first year of management MBA, MCA, MSc etc

Area of study/project:

  1. Engineering students: Artificial intelligence and Machine learning, internet of things, robotics and computer vision, Electric vehicles, CAD CAM, Structural engineering, racing cars etc
  2. Arts, Science, Commerce, Management students : Doing Business in Asia, Politics, Culture and Media in Southeast Asia.
  3. Management students: Business Modelling

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