International Semester Long Internship Program (ISLIP)

The MITAOE International Relations Department facilitates a dynamic interchange of knowledge and culture via a transformational semester-long internship programme with top institutions overseas. This programme, which aims to expand perspectives and enhance comprehension, offers students amazing opportunities to get fully immersed in a broad spectrum of academic environments while acquiring hands-on experience in the field they are studying.

The International Semester Long Internship program allows students to immerse themselves in a different academic environment for one full semester, which is designed for those eager to pursue postgraduate studies or explore education in foreign universities.

Pupils can choose to start this life-altering endeavour in their sixth or eighth semester, giving them flexibility in their academic path. Engaging with enterprises and research laboratories, or performing research at universities abroad, provides participants with indispensable insights and experiences that enhance their academic and personal development.

The Selection Process for ISLIP

The selection process involves interviews to identify 2 to 4 students who demonstrate exceptional potential and motivation for the Semester Abroad Program. Upon selection, students have the opportunity to attend a full semester abroad, either conducting research projects or studying courses relevant to their field of interest.

Discover the limitless opportunities that await you through the MITAOE International Semester-Long Internship Program/Student Exchange by joining us for this fascinating experience.

Our internship programme extends beyond the confines of traditional academia by giving students the opportunity to interact with new perspectives, adapt to diverse cultural norms, and forge international connections. Students set out on a voyage of discovery that influences their academic and personal growth, equipping them to flourish in an increasingly linked world, with the help of our passionate teachers and international partners.