School of Humanities and Engineering Sciences


School of Humanities and Engineering Sciences is established with a notion of regulating and monitoring the process of teaching/learning to the students and hence imparting quality education. The main highlights of the school are qualified faculty supported by well- equipped laboratories and excellent state-of-the-art infrastructure to bring justice to the prescribed curriculum.

Our main aim is to build an engineer with a strong knowledge base in science and analytical thinking. It plays a crucial role in building their confidence, communication skills in English (general and business), Professional skills and aptitude, and connecting students with the needs of the society by teaching them Psychology, Engineering Economics, Sociology and Entrepreneurship and Business Strategies thereby transforming them into well-groomed personalities and employable and movable graduates.

Higher education institutions are entrusted to carry out the important mission of preparing future human resources, the true and sustainable wealth of a nation is committed educators, and dedicated researchers. Therefore, among our mission, as academic faculty members to be involved both in the advancement of science and technology and enhancing skills. In this context, the School is striving to provide our students with the understanding of basic concepts in science and the physical real life interpretations of solutions to mathematical problems and to develop students’ overall personality and professional communication.

Education does not mean merely acquiring a degree; it is a serious social responsibility which involves enhancement of knowledge, skills and most importantly, realization of self-worth. It aims at developing all round personalities with integrated skills and values. It is our constant endeavour to improve the acquisition of knowledge, develop learning skills and foster individual potential by implementing innovative methods of teaching/learning, organizing various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

It has become more vital than ever before that students graduate with the education that prepares them for lifelong learning and global citizenship. It is our goal to motivate our students towards becoming self-directed and proactive learners who will be groomed to face the challenges of the ever changing and challenging outside world.

Dr. Vaishali Wangikar,
Associate Professor & Dean,
School of Humanities and Engineering Sciences
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