The experiments in physics are so chosen to cover the basic principles that are useful for the students in their further engineering course. To mention a few, the experiments such as ultrasonic interferometer, e/m by Thomson's method, Newton's ring, diffraction by spectrometer etc. Along with these experiments students are kept aware of the latest technological advances.


The MITAOE English Language Laboratory (ELL) adopts the modern approach to English language teaching which promotes the use of computer and web-based applications for teaching various elements of the English as a Second Language (ESL). This new approach is popularly known as Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL). We have a well equipped English Language Laboratory which facilitates CALL based exercises on grammar, LSRW Skills, Pronunciation, Vocabulary etc. The highly experienced and qualified ESL trainers train our students by efficiently using the CALL applications (Software & Web-based). The students find these activities engaging and interesting and they participate enthusiastically in each and every linguistic activity. The topics that are covered through the ELL are as listed below:

  • Fundamentals of Grammar: Parts of speech, Tenses and different sentence structures
  • Online Listening exercises using web-based applications
  • Exercises on Received Pronunciation (R.P. British English)
  • Online reading exercises
  • Common errors in English communication
  • Formal Writing exercises
  • Online English proficiency tests
  • Online remedial Exercises
  • Vocabulary enrichment exercises
  • Academic and technical vocabulary exercises
  • Exercises on various structures and compositions in English.


School provides training in German and Japanese language to the students. This helps students to enhance their knowledge on culture and society and develop basic communication and comprehension skills for day-to-day business effectively.