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Social psychology is the scientific study of the way people think about, feel, and behave in a social situation. It involves understanding how people influence, and are influenced by, the others around them. A primary goal of this course is to introduce students to the perspectives, research methods, and empirical findings of social psychology. Topics to be covered include classical conditioning, operant conditioning, attention, perception, conformity, stereotype, attitude, prejudice and discrimination. Equally important is the goal of cultivating your skills for analyzing the social situations and events that students encountering everyday life. Finally, throughout, the course, emphasis will be placed on developing critical and integrative ways of thinking about theory and research in social psychology

1 Mr. Hussain Shaikh Asst. Professor MA 07


This Subject is offered to third year engineering students. As we all know today’s market trend is changing day by day with new requirements from engineers.

In view of placements companies takes tests over various parameters like aptitude test, Group discussions and Interviews.

This subject helps engineers to be good at professional conversation. Under this subject student gets Aptitude lecture for practicing their aptitude skills as well as Self-awareness with many activities conducted for team building, innovative thinking and for decision making. Students also get chance for mock interviews and group discussions.

Col. Anand Bapat, Mr. Sharad Sunkar & Ms. Shweta Singh conduct Lab sessions for Professional Skills.

We do have visiting faculties for conducting aptitude lectures.

Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics involves the application of mathematics to problems in various areas of science and engineering for the development of new or improved methods to meet the challenges of new era.

The problems come from various applications, such as physical and biological sciences, engineering, and social sciences. Their solutions require knowledge of various branches of mathematics, such as analysis, differential equations, and stochastic, utilizing analytical and numerical methods. Technology grows out of fundamental science and to appreciate this important fact, the students of engineering disciplines require a firm grounding in the mathematics. In this context, we are committed to provide our students with the understanding of basic concepts in science and the physical real life interpretations of solutions to mathematical problems.

1 Mr. Satish Gajbhiv Asst. Professor, NET, Pursuing PhD 15
2 Ms. Manisha Pansare Asst. Professor 07
3 Ms. Priti Sinde Asst. Professor, NET 09


The Subject of 'Project Management', normally taught at Post Graduation Levels across world and in India, it has been introduced at the Third Year undergraduate level in the autonomous course BTech in the college. It is considerable that by the time students reach their third year level of engineering, they have achieved adequate level of responsibility and responsiveness to absorb the contents of this course, especially when it is handled by experience faculty. The Objectives of the Course, Course outcomes, Topic level outcomes and delivery schedules have been carefully designed to be delivered within the stipulated cycle of eight to nine weeks, taking four hours every week including theory and Tutorial Sessions.