The Vision of CELT is defined in line with the vision of the institute as:

  • To be a center of excellence for student-centric, enriched, and transformative teaching and learning through innovation and research in instructional design, student engagement, assessment design, and technology-driven approaches.

In order to meet the above Vision, the mission of the CELT is defined as:

  • To empower the teachers for their instructional skills by providing training opportunities for the engagement of students through active, participative, collaborative, project- or problem-based learning, and technology-driven approaches.
  • To facilitate the environment for the design and experimentation of innovative pedagogical, assessment, and evaluation methods.
  • To provide training for designing curriculum and assessment methods in line with Outcome-based education.
  • To train the teachers for the use of technology and ICT tools in the online or blended teaching-learning process.
  • To encourage teachers to adopt research-driven teaching and learning practises.