The road map of CELT presents the methodology, mainly focusing on three categories to empower the faculties in teaching and learning:

1. Beginners: Faculty Induction Run

The newly recruited faculties are trained in a 5 days ‘Faculty Orientation Programme’ followed by National / Global certification in Teaching-Learning and core domain.

2. Advanced:

For the existing faculties, who are already trained for the basic teaching-learning process.

  • Collective approach: All the faculties shall get National / Global certification for recent trends in the teaching-learning process
  • Selective approach: Selective courses and their course champions under each forefront area of CELT are facilitated to train, experiment and share their experiences.

3. Research:

Once the faculties are trained and they implement their learnings from the training, they will be given the platform to share their experience in the form of a presentation / demonstration in the Faculty Conclave’. Based on their presentation, the good case studies will be identified to further write papers and publish them in a Scopus-indexed conference / Journal.