The 'Spiritual Minds Club' focuses on physical and mental well-being through activities like yoga, Pranayama, spiritual discussions, and promoting ethical values. Yoga exercises enhance physical fitness, mental clarity, and inner peace. Pranayama teaches stress management and emotional resilience. Thoughtful discussions encourage introspection and spiritual growth. Emphasis on ethical values enriches character and interpersonal relationships.

At the core of our mission is the dedication to fostering the well-rounded development of MITAOE students. We want them to look back and see that their MITAOE experience went beyond engineering and instilled profound spiritual values.

In summary, the 'Spiritual Minds Club' aims to guide MITAOE students towards holistic development, shaping them not only as engineers but as individuals with strong spiritual values."

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Faculty Advisor

Our club is blessed with the guidance of Ms.Nandini Phulpagar, our dedicated faculty coordinator and visionary founder. As a certified Pranic Healer, her boundless energy and unwavering commitment drive the success of our activities.”

Ms. Nandini S. Phulpagar
Department Manager, FY B.Tech
(Certified convener in Pranic Healing, UHV, REBT, & Yoga Teacher
School of Humanities and Engineering Sciences
Email Id-
Mobile No. 8378969591

Student coordinator

Mr Sumit Sarwade :- TY(ETX)


Manas.M Kale:- SY(Mech)

Social media and editors

Janhvi Pawar:- SY (ENTC)
Aditya Sawleshwarkar:- SY(Mech)

1. Lokesh Sarode (SYBETCH) Participated in the “Speak for India” debate competition organised by Fedral Bank and made it to the quarter-finals at the zonal level

2. Sudhanshu Udbale(SYBTECH) Participated in a pull-ups challenge at the Defence Expo organised in Pune International Convention Centre and won a price for the same

This club offers an authorized path to discover spiritual knowledge for the youth of society, emphasizing:

  1. Teaching the fundamentals of our culture
  2. Imparting spiritual knowledge
  3. Encouraging devotional activities

The aim is to achieve true happiness and inner peace by striking a balance between material and spiritual life through daily activities such as:

  1. Meditation
  2. Breathing exercises
  3. Super brain yoga
  4. Physical exercises

These activities sharpen and focus the mind, enhancing students' potential to excel in their daily tasks and also enhancing the values of life

Outcomes: -

  1. Calmness of Mind
  2. Self-Realization
  3. Self-discipline
  4. Boosting Self-Confidence
  5. Anxiety Management
  6. Time Management
  7. Conflict Control
  8. Stress Management
  9. Spread of Positive Attitude
  10. Learning empathy

Spiritual Minds Club Activities Activity Topic Dates Location
1. Snehvan Visit 17th September 2022 Koyali Rd, Koyali
2. Food Distribution (Indrayani Ghat, Alandi) Every Month Indrayani Ghat, Alandi
3. Super Brain Yoga Introduction in Schools 10th October 2021 Z.P. School, Dhanore
6th November 2022 Z.P. School, Dushere
12th August 2023 Nagar Parishad School, Alandi
25th February 2023 Seva Surya Ashram, Alandi
4. Children’s Day Celebration 14th November 2021 MITAOE, Alandi
5. Women’s Day Celebration 8th March 2022 MITAOE, Alandi
6. Historical Visit to Pratapgad Fort 11th December 2022 Pratapgad, Satara
7. Black and White Day 27th February 2023 MITAOE, Alandi
8. Food Mela (Nakshatra) 2nd March 2023 MITAOE, Alandi
9. Teacher’s Day Celebration 5th September 2023 MITAOE, Alandi
10. Goshala Visit 7th September 2023 Alandi
11. Drawing Competition 7th September 2023 MITAOE, Alandi
12. Engineer’s Day Celebration and Prize Distribution 15th September 2023 MITAOE, Alandi
13. Ganeshotsav Celebration 22nd September 2023 MITAOE, Alandi
14. Swacchanjali 2023 1st October 2023 Indrayani Ghat, Alandi
15. Enterprenual Activity 4th-8th December 2023 Indrayani Ghat, Alandi
16. Killa kala : Fort making competition 16th February 2024 MITAOE, Alandi
17. Open Mic : Marathi Bhasha Divas celebration 27th February 2024 MITAOE, Alandi