DRAMA Club aims to ignite the skill of acting, skill to represent themselves in various situation in the real life as well. The club also promotes the students in writing script and management of various events like drama, skits, plays, street plays etc. Also, through the club, students are representing the institute on the platform at various state level and national level drama and acting competitions. The club platform is useful to the students in various ways like musical competitions as well.

Different events in the institute under the banner of Art Circle, various cultural events and other occasions proves a real entertainment and enjoyment to everyone. Along with other clubs in the institute, the drama club students always give their best performance. The students with proper professional training, learns the skills that help them to grow throughout their life.

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Satyajit Pangaonkar, School of Electrical Engg.

Club President: Tejas Tulsidas Limbani (ttlimbani@mitaoe.ac.in), T Y. B.Tech. Chemical Engineering (7040171148)


  • Won Prize in - ON SPort Prop Making at Firodiya 2023.
  • Shortlisted in first 20 rank.
  • Award for Best Papercut Stop Motion Animation in Firodiya Karandak, Feb. 2020 for the play ‘Sidestand’
  • Nomination for Best Actor to the student participant Mr. Kiran Pawar in Firodiya Karandak 2020
  • Best Stop Motion Animation award in Firodiya Karanadak, Feb. 2019 for the play ‘Manzar’
  • Appreciated as a new concept of Stop Motion Animation in the history of Firodiya Karanadad in 2019
  • Best Actor & Best Team Management award in the drama competition held at Osmanabad during Sept. 2018.
  • Shortlisted in first 20 rank at Firodiya Karandak, 2017
  • Award for the Best Culture award & Best Actor award for the play’
  • WhyNot’ (Firodiya Karandak 2017)
  • Best Actor & Actress award in Firodiya Karanadak, Feb. 2016 for the play ‘Baari’


  • Inter college drama competition Firodiya Karandak 2020 at Pune (play ‘Sidestand’)
  • Inter college drama competition Firodiya Karandak 2019 at Pune (play ‘Manzar’)
  • State level Dram Competition held at Osmanabad during Sept. 2018
  • Inter college drama competition Firodiya Karandak 2018 at Pune
  • Inter college drama competition Firodiya Karandak 2017 at Pune
  • Inter college drama competition Firodiya Karandak 2016 at Pune (play ‘Baari’)


  • Workshop for the students in Drama club for learning the skillsets of acting and other essentials about the theater (during Oct. 2019)
  • Organized a Dram show for the college students and faculties Feb 2019.


  • Club’s five key pilers as Acting, Art, Music, Dance and Management. Each piler is contributing equally for the development & success.
  • Societies current situations and problems-based presentation during Firodiya Karandak drama competition.
  • Consistent award wining performance in the various competition.
  • Excellent team work and dedication by the students for the club.