MITAOE Aero is MITAOE’s first ever Aeromodelling club in MITAOE established in 2018 by Faculty Coordinator Prof. Savita Pawar, SEE and Student Coordinators Rohan Hangi and Shubham Takhbhate. The aim of this club is to provide knowledge related to Multirotor as well as RC Planes, which includes designing and guidance to fly Multirotor and RC planes.

MITAOEAero enthusiastically participates in many National Level Aeromodelling competitions including Boeing Aeromodelling competition which is conducted by IIT Bombay - Techfest, IIT Kharagpur - Kshitij, SAE Drone Development Challenge for RC Planes.

So far students from this club have designed RC planes and are looking forward to improving their skills in the Aeromodelling area.

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sudesh Powar,, SME

Club President: Yash Tajane,, B.Tech, SME

Currently, MITAOE Aero Club has two teams participating in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) India Southern Section Drone Development Challenge 2024. Team Blitzkrieg, led by Deep Naik (TY, SME) in the regular class RC plane category & Team Pegasus, led by Sakshi Bhaleghare (TY, SEE), in the micro class RC plane category.



  • SAE Drone Development Challenge Competition 2023, held at Tamil Nadu during 21,22,23 July 2023.
  • SAE Aero Design Challenge Competition 2022, held at Tamil Nadu during 1,2,3 Sep 2022.
  • SAE Aero Design Challenge Competition 2021, held online.
  • SAE Aero Design Challenge Competition 2020, held at Tamil Nadu during 28 & 29 Feb ,1 March 2020
  • Boeing competition, in Techfest, at IIT BOMBAY, on 3rd and 4th January 2020.
  • 08 students participated in SAE Aero Design Challenge workshop on 2nd and 3rd Nov.2019.


  • Workshop on RC Planes.
  • Hands-on Simulation training in Club Mela 2023.
  • RC plane design training from Sept 2019 to Jan 2020 for preparation of IIT Bombay Techfest event.
  • 30 Days internship programme from June 16th 2019 to July 17th 2019. Total 9 students completed training.